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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Top 10 ghosts of famous people

10. Thelma Todd:
A captivating actress of breathtaking beauty, Thelma Todd’s dead body was discovered on December 16, 1935, in her car inside the garage of Jewel Carmen, an eminent American silent film actress. Till the date, it’s a subject of speculation that what was the exact reason of her death – suicide or murder. The cafe in which she partied for the last time was torn down and currently the land is under the possession of a production company but there have been reported sighting of her ghost, walking down the staircase of building. Moreover, the garage in which she died is said to produce noises of car’s engine. It’s a matter of fact that there were no cars inside when these sounds were reported.
9. Orson Welles:
The undisputed leader of movie making, acting and screenwriting, Orson Welles was fond of spending his spare time at Ma Maison restaurant. 26 years have passed since he died and his favorite restaurant has been now transformed in Sweetlady Jane Bakery. This quaint bakery is famous for its “tea and crumpets” type of environment, resonating with small crowd. According to the employees of this bakery, Orson’s ghost still sits on the corner table in impeccable black suit with wide-brimmed hat. However, the appearance of his ghost is generally spotted for few seconds but the smell of his favorite cigar and brandy dwells in the environment for a long time, remarking the presence of an uninvited guest.
8. Lon Chaney:
Better known for playing the character of monsters in movies, Lon’s acting was enough to terrorize the underpants of any moviegoer. After his death in 1973, his ghost is believed to haunt the sound stage 28 of Universal Studios, Hollywood. Many workers of this studio have spotted his figure screaming and walking through the building. His figure could be also spotted running through the platforms of stage which was used to shoot the scenes of Phantom of the Opera, a legendary silent horror film of 1925.
7. George Reeves:
In the wee hours of June 19, 1959, the globally acclaimed Superman was found dead in his bedroom with a wound of gunshot in his head. However, this incident was ruled as a case of suicide by cops but till the date it is believed that this American macho man was murdered. After the sad departure of Reeves, his Benedict Canyon home was sold to new owners but surprisingly the Superman’s ghost decided to stay in the premises. The old room in which he was discovered dead is said to produce strange noises of a man, seeking help. Some folks have also reported his shadow in Superman’s attire, swaying in the building here and there.
6. Elvis Presley:
An accumulate illustration of glamour, Elvis Presley set all the standards essential to be a king of rock n’ roll. After dying of heavy drug intoxication on August 16, 1977, there have been reported sighting of his ghost in an old building of Nashville which was once used to to record his super hit track Heartbreak Hotel. It is said that whenever his name is mentioned in the building, eerie activity picks up.  Falling of ladders, exploding of lights and unexplained bangs in the dark corners are some of the common phenomenons related to king’s spirit.
5. Lucille Ball:
Queen of smoking beauty, Lucille Ball is still beloved to this day as an eminent actress in the history of American cinema. After her death at the age of 77, her home in Beverly Hills still experiences a series of weird happenings. The new owners of her house claim that they have witnessed furniture moving around inside the house, disappearing and reappearing of objects, unexplained broken windows and loud voices.
4. Abraham Lincoln:
After Lincoln’s assassination in 1865, his ghost began appearing to the guests and workers of White House. The big old house is believed to be the eternal abode of America’s 16th President. Lincoln’s ghost with shambling and sad face has been spotted numerous times in different halls and rooms of the White House. By all accounts of Grace Coolidge, wife of President Calvin Coolidge, she spotted his ghost at the window of Oval Office amid the chills of night air. In another incident as per described by Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, she heard someone knocking the door of her room gently and when she approached the door, she saw President Lincoln who took off his hat and vaporized from the spot.
3. Adolf Hitler:
The most fearsome figure that ever lived on this earth in still dwelling in Bavarian mountain retreat house in the form of aimless spirit. According to German historians, his ghost can be seen walking around the ruins of his mountain home with expressions of despair and dejection. Some people have seen him sitting on an armchair and gazing the mountains in a purposeful manner. The silence of ruins is often penetrated by his loud voice, giving orders to his men.
2. John Lennon:
Ghost of this legendary maestro has been spotted by almost everyone who knew him most. The great grandfather of musical arena was shot down on December 8, 1980, outside the building where he lived in New York City. Soon after his death, unusual things started happening  with his family members and band mates. According to Sir Paul McCartney, while recording Free as a bird in 1995, Lennon’s playful spirit was present in the studio. Sir McCartney stated that instruments were acting weirdly and there were strange noises which were not supposed to be there. In 1983, his ghost, surrounded with spooky light was sighted at the exact location where he was killed.
1. Marilyn Monroe:
Counted among one of the most prolific stars of cinematic world, Monroe still marks her invisible presence in the lobby of Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel. A wide number of visitors and hotel employees believe that she still lingers in the full-length mirror which was decorated in her suite. They have also noticed her dancing in the ballroom of hotel. Many even claim that the spirit of this drop dead gorgeous lady plays a bugle while moving around on the 8th floor.

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