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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Top 10 cities in india to live

10. Agra:

Located at the banks of river Yamuna, this travel destination of northern Uttar Pradesh is better known for being the abode of historical Taj Mahal. No doubt, the world is separated between those who have seen Taj and those who have’nt. But apart from this towering beauty, you can also enjoy the heart-touching and stunning monuments of Fatehpur Sikri, Agra Fort, Sikandara, Chini Ka Roza and Itmad-Ud Daula in this city. A city of varying places, each perfect in itself.

9. Hyderabad:

An immense blend of vivacious lifestyle and old-age tempt, this capital city of Andhra Pradesh is a landmark among one of the most beautiful cities of India. Hyderabad’s impressive heritage is backed-up by its fascinating beauty, rich culture and astounding architectures. Better known as the “city of pearls,” this tourist hot-spot constitutes some of the prominent historical sites, viz. Charminar, Golconda Fort, Char Kaman, Falaknuma Palace and the famous Hyderabad Botanical Garden, with a rich intermix of state-of-the-art technology.

8. Mathura:

Famous for being the cradle of Lord Krishna, this ancient hub of civilization and culture is a pilgrimage for the Hindus. All around the year, you can notice an unstoppable number of fairs and festivals in this holy city of India. By all accounts of folklore, there are about sixty billion sanctified locations in Mathura, charmed by the playfulness characteristics of Lord Krishna.

7. Kutch:

This majestic city of breathtaking beauty and well-disposed people, arouses a post-card moment in which a traveller thanks God for creating this land. A land of tales, a land of legends and a land of rich traditions, Kutch is an extremely invoking city to be in which entices one and all. Visit once and you’ll realize that nothing can beat the stunning beauty of this magnetizing land. To be sure, the escapade of Kutch exceeds all the parameters of concerning extremes.

6. Chennai:

Notable for its ancient synagogues and long sandy beaches, this eminent tourist destination of India offers variety of choices. After Mumbai and Delhi, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is the third most visited city in India by foreigners. If you want to chill out and have fun, you’re welcome to Chennai, a land of splendid and eternal beauty.

5. Kolkata:

An unparalleled hub of heritage and culture, Kolkata is better known as the shopper’s paradise. A live illustration of the expansion of European powers, this “City of Joy” overwhelms its travellers by interesting history, cultural folklores and some of the best-built building in India. If you want to feel the pulse of this city, representing different eras of time, you can visit Victoria Memorial, Netaji Bhavan, Botanical Garden, Marble Palace and other irresistible hot-spots.

4. Jaipur:

Padharo Mhare Desh! Capital city of Rajasthan and commonly known as the “Pink City,” the beauty of Jaipur is a class apart. Featuring a number of ancient forts, fascinating palaces, colorful markets and world class museums, this high-priced treasure of Indian history is the finest blend of Rajputana and Mughal culture where you can experience the past-comes-alive phenomenon.

3. Delhi:

Apart from being the city of tall skyscrapers, dense roads, flamboyant discotheques, this cosmopolitan city offers a perfect combination of modernity along with an antiquity of the time. Nurtured by several dynasties and an instance of fast changing world, the capital of India constitutes many places that will make you fall in love, for sure. Indeed, Delhi houses all paradigms that lure travellers.

2. Mumbai:

It’s traffic jam, it’s fast-paced life, it’s the smoothest example of western culture, it’s Amchi Mumbai. If you love to live your life to its extent, if you believe in dreams coming true, if you want to melt away at promenades, you’re welcome to Mumbai. A city which never sleeps, Mumbai, on the planet, is famous for celebrating each and every moment of life without excuses. From beaches to Bollywood, you can get everything in this hypnotizing city.

1. Banaras:

Older than history and better known for developing self-spiritualism, the exotic city of Banaras holds a mystical legend in itself. Escapade to this colourful, loud and crowded city will be an experience like no other. Constituting ancient temples, enthralling ghats, chants of Har Har Mahadev and narrow markets, this oldest living city of the world fascinates people, curious to gain actual knowledge of life. According to Hindu folklore, the river Ganges in Banaras comprises the ability to wash away the sins of mortals.

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