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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worthy 10 questions that make us think every time

10. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?

This is a question that everyone has asked themselves and someone else at least once in their lifetime. This question brings up a lot of dreams and a lot of things that we would like to have if we had all the money in the world. Just think about it, if tomorrow somebody gave you all the money you ever wanted, what would you do?
Top 10 questions that make you think
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9. Do aliens exist?

This is a commonly asked question by a lot of people. Many people never ask this question to someone else but think about it themselves. Is it possible that there are other life forms in this vast universe and more so is it possible that we have come into contact with these so called extra terrestrials? It is one of the great mysteries of our time and certainly a question that a lot of people ask themselves and others.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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8. What is God?

Despite thousands of years and countless thinkers and philosophers, the common man still wonders as to what God really is and whether or not such a thing really exists. There are many compelling evidences that have been collected to ratify that a greater power is involved with the world and its existence. We may not have come in close contact with this thing but it permeates all throughout the universe and we must acknowledge it.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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7. What is love?

Love is a perplexing emotion that makes us do things we would never have seen ourselves doing. Besides that love is also one of the greatest mysteries to have ever existed. The harmony of love is such that we are all bound by it in many ways but it affects us differently. At its heart love is the same for everyone but as people are different in their own ways, so is love.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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6. When is the world coming to an end?

This is also a common question that people tend to ask themselves and also others. The question about when and how the world we live in is going to end is an intriguing one indeed but when it does come to an end one day or approaches an end then will we be able to remain calm and finish reading what we are reading and then prepare ourselves for the end. It is a question that can be pondered upon but not answered.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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5. What comes after death?

Death is an inescapable fact of life and everyone thinks about death in some way or another at some point or another in their lives. Nobody knows what comes after death because nobody comes back after they are dead. Death is like a journey with no return and the best thing about death is that it comes for everyone.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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4. What is freedom?

Freedom is an often talked about concept among many people. A lot of people do not appreciate and understand that the world we live in gives us ample freedom to exercise our choices. Freedom can be of many different kinds and the answers change every time. Freedom simply does not mean freedom from slavery but freedom from the influence of anyone else’s will and the ability to act only on one’s own accord.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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3. What is happiness?

What happiness is in today’s world? For a great many people a lot of money would be happiness but can money really buy happiness? What then is happiness? Is it possessing everything you ever wanted or accomplishing all the things that you thought you would? There are countless questions that come after this one. Great men and great thinkers have often said that true happiness comes from within and does not need to be gratified or ratified in any way.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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2. Who am I?

Does this question simply ask you your name or does this question ask you much more. Who are you in the grand scheme of things? Who are you in the world? Who are you in the nation and who are you in your home? It is a question that everyone has to come face to face with at least once in their lifetime. Most people would simply blurt out some names saying I am the son of Mr. so and so and I am the daughter of Mrs. So and so but is that really the answer? Nobody knows for sure.
Top 10 questions that make you think
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1. What is life?

This is perhaps the grandest questions of them all and also one of the most common. Every thinking human being ponders on this question at least once in their lifetime. Great thinkers have spent their lives thinking about this question and seeking an answer. It is a question that has a different answer for everyone and yet in many ways all the answers are the same. It is a perplexing and an interesting question that asks us to look deep into ourselves and into the world just so we can get a hint towards finding an answer.
Top 10 questions that make us think
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