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Sunday, July 31, 2011

10 tips to speed up your internet

1. Every computer at your home or business that is logged into the Internet can potentially slow down transmission speed. Check to be sure that any computer that is not being actively used on the Internet is disconnected from the Net. Ideally, all other computers should be turned off completely for a faster connection.
2. Choose text-only displays when you don’t care about the graphics. Allowing the graphics to load will slow down your connection. If they aren’t important to what you’re doing, switch to text-only to make better use of your time.

3. The browser you are using does matter. Some are simply faster than others. Firefox and Chrome, for example, are much faster browsers. Test drive a few and choose the one that works the best with your system.

4. Don’t share your Wi-Fi connection with the entire neighbourhood. The more people that are trying to use the connection, the slower it will be. Choose a secure connection with a strong password to prevent your neighbours from enjoying free Wi-Fi, and slowing you down in the process.

5. Caching isn’t always a good thing. For websites you visit often, they can help save a great deal of time. But in other cases it can slow you down. Take the time to clear your cache once in a while to help speed up the entire system.

6. Maintenance is always important. Don’t neglect the basic maintenance on your system. Keeping the disk drive clean and running regular defrags will help you keep your computer running faster, so you can take advantage of a high speed internet connection.

7. Background programs need to be shut down. Every additional program you run will be paid for with slower speed. Shut down every program not actively in use and watch your speed increase.

8. Spyware and malware will cause problems. In addition to privacy and safety concerns, they will slow you down. Check the computer and have any invasive programs cleaned out.

9. Try rebooting the router. Sometimes it’s as simple as resetting the system. Turn the power to your home network off for a moment and see if that helps speed up your surfing.

10. Try changing your cordless phone or wireless camera. Cordless phones that are 2.4 Ghz can interfere with a wireless router that is also 2.4 Ghz. Wireless security cameras operating on the same frequency as your router can also cause problems with speed. Consider switching one of the devices to a different connection to improve the speed.


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