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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 books that changed the world

1. Gospel of Eve, author unknown

It is, as it is considered, the most sexual and the most perverse apocryphal book. It is very clear why the book didn’t survive – the church had a lot to say about it and to forbid the concepts as ‘free love’ (‘coitus interruptus’) and swallowing of the semen in the ritual, and it is all well explained in this book. This book was so dangerous because it questioned a 2 000-years-old celibacy and ‘purity’ that christianism preaches. We have never read it, neither we will, because church superiors like Epiphanius threw it out of operation, trying to stop a whole world having sex without a sinful thoughts and swallow a little semen. What is worst of all, he got out of it without consequences. If this book is a God’s work, then its creation and destiny will be the first questions we’ll ask Jesus when he shows up again.

7 books that would change the world01 7 Books That Would Change the World

2. About creating a sphere, Archimedes

It is assumed that this is a book that explains the creation of a ‘miracle’ from ancient Greece – Planetarium, astronomic clocks, and all they made to ease their lives. We are sorry it is gone because it described Antikythera mechanism, ancient mechanism calculator invented about  100 B.C. that had never been shown in any unit up to 1000 later. In this book you could find a plan how to make this unit, so that we could make it by ourselves in our garage… And who knows, maybe a time machine also. Even the most modern mechanic standards fade in comparison to this book, just imagine what could be written inthere. Everything that left of it is burried somewhere or doesn’t exist anymore because Romans liked to burn books, especially the most valuable ones from Alexandrian library.
7 books that would change the world02 7 Books That Would Change the World

3. Rare books from the House of Wisdom (Bait al-Hikma)

The Great library in Baghdad, previously called The Congres Library, kept the rare books (which weren’t destroyed so far) from three continents. It was an intellectual center in time of islamic Golden age (between 750 and 1258 A.D). This was the place where Persians liked to hide their achievements of science, medicine, astronomy and technology and the rest they stole by the way. That’s why they were the greatest guys through centuries. The Catalog itself was inestimable and the library looked like a university where everybody went to learn something. This was the place where the greatest achievements were written and concealed, and for a great deal of those our poor mankind will never even hear. Who knows where we would be now if we had been just a little more careful. It is assumed that Romans had the plant that was the best protection from pregnancy, but they exterminated it. Having Baghdad as a center of math and science, the opuses like ‘Travelling through space’ – Muhamed III and ‘How I cured AIDS’ – Hippocrates, were destroyed… We’ll never know. And it’s all Mongolian fault. Everything they found in the city when they captured it in 1258 they threw into river Tiger. They who survived told that the river was black from ink for almost a year.
7 books that would change the world03 7 Books That Would Change the World

4. The rest of Epic cycle, various authors

It is the rest of epic saga that contains ‘Iliad’ and ‘Odyssey’. This whole spectacular saga has, in fact, eight parts, but Homer signed mentioned two. Cycle tells about Odyssey’s complete adventure about which Aristotle in his ‘Poetics’ says that Homer’s descriptions are only clips and the most interesting parts. The influence of this stories on literature,  music, theatre, movie, dance, people and so on is incredible. Even the ‘Iliad’ may be the most known non-religious story in the world (if the science doesn’t proove that Zeus is really on Olympus) and all we know is a ridiculously small part.
7 books that would change the world04 7 Books That Would Change the World

5. Hermokrat, Plato

First two parts from Plato’s triology were ‘Critias’ and ‘Timaeus’ for which is suspected that are transripts of the greatest minds. If ‘Hermokrat’ was a bit close to those two parts of this perfect triology, then it must’ve contained concepts such as molecules or golden section, and this book would certainly affect latter minds. Having in mind that the second book ends in the middle of the sentence, it is expected that the third – the lost one – covers the destiny of Atlantis that is very mentioned in previous two books. Now no one has the foggiest idea where the book could be. Some speculate that Plato have never actually finished it.
7 books that would change the world05 7 Books That Would Change the World

6. Ab urbe condita libri (about creation of the city), Titus Livius

This is detailed history of Rome from Troyan ancestors to Augustus rule 800 years later, what implies that this book should contain everything ever written about Rome. The book had 142 tomes and every person that had looked at it or touched it said it was spectacular. When West Roman Empire fell, Livius’ opus was the only thing to witness about everything that happened. Now it is long gone. Imagine you found something like ‘Egyptian architecture’ and solved the mystery how the pyramids were built! Well, this book would do almost the same. The whole Roman history of that period would be found out. Just a part of Livius’ historic studies helped Italy to create what we today call Renaissance, and all his writings are even today worth adimiring. Europe needed a thousand years to understand that old books are a must after Roman fall, so when they started to dig the ashes and old coffins, they found 35 books of this series. The whole history of Rome is based on these data.
7 books that would change the world06 7 Books That Would Change the World

7. About God’s wars, God himself (?)

The lost book allegedly says about wars of Moses, Jesus and Israel people that walked Holy ground. If it had survived it would be as much popular as the Bible today, because it is said that it was written by God (directly or indirectly). If it doesn’t emerge in ‘Fireflies from the Dead sea’, the only place we could look for it is His head.
7 books that would change the world07 7 Books That Would Change the World


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