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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 10 most hated jobs

Top 10 Most Hated Jobs 2011 350x233 Top 10 Most Hated Jobs

1. Director of Information Technology

It is astounding that according to Career Bliss, the most detested job was that of information technology director. Though the pay is attractive and an IT director can also put much influence over the outcome of some companies as a chief executive, yet they showed discontent with their jobs, due to favoritism and disregard for workers.
blank Top 10 Most Hated Jobs

2. Director of Sales and Marketing

The director of sales and marketing chalks out plans to make endeavors for supporting companies and create business that includes the financial plan, public relations, and training of employees. Sales and marketing directors revealed the next highest degree of job discontentment, due to lack of direction from higher administration and an absence of situation for development.

3. Product Manager

It is a name of job that has several interpretations which depend on the company and its zone. The job is just to assess the products that are most suitable for business. The state of displeasure for this job is much elevated, due to complaints of limited development, the work is boring and it has plenty of office work.
blank Top 10 Most Hated Jobs

4. Senior Web Developer

Web developers work in all kinds of business, who design and develop the use of Internet. Senior developers revealed high despondency in their jobs, with a view that their employers are incapable of speaking reasonably, and do not understand the technology.

5. Technical Specialist

if a company desires to plan a project, the technical specialist assesses its feasibility.The technical specialists informed that in spite of their dexterity, they were treated disrespectfully, had no contact with seniors and noticed that their efforts were not appreciated properly.

6. Electronics Technician

Technicians keep regular contact with customers, and possess capability to briskly resolve difficult technical troubles under extreme stress. Their unhappiness in this job has many factors, like work timetable, lack of performance and development, no inspiration to work hard, and resentment from superiors for other workers.
blank Top 10 Most Hated Jobs

7. Law Clerk

Law Clerk helps judges when they dictate decisions. They report high degree of disappointment due to prolonged and exhausting time of work, and the pressure of some superiors.

8. Technical Support Analyst

To assist persons in solving their computer problems, they work in different situations ad circumstances as they may be needed to proceed at an instant notice, even on holidays or weekends.

9. CNC Machinist

CNC machinists work on computer control machines. With a particular skill, the job has no chance for progress, which caused a high level of frustration.

10. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is amenable to control publicity and progress. They point out absence of direction which is fundamental cause for job discontentment.


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