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Monday, January 30, 2012

Amazing Beautiful Natural Wallpapers

Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures

Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures

I come accross this picture in searching the most beautifull and amazing natural scenes.  But it did not mentioned anything about the place they have taken this scene. If these pictures are genuine then they are really amazing because they look exactly like the animals that they are implying to, but I doubt and believed that most of the pictures are photoshopped to make them look “amazing”.

Do you notice anything special in the picture below? I didn’t get it until I viewed this picture for the third time; there is a couple standing face to face. Amazing but hard to believe it is real.

Read more: http://funkydowntown.com/20-amazing-natural-scenes/#ixzz1gKmT0eBb


Its eye is photosopped, very obvious.


Another photoshopped picture with “mirror” effect.
Amazing Nature Pictures
Amazing Nature Pictures


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