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Saturday, January 5, 2013

10 reasons to go vegeterian

The New Year is here and if your New Year resolution was something like becoming a vegetarian, you are not going to lose out on much. Initially it was believed that vegetarians have nothing more than cottage cheese and potatoes to eat. But with the ever-expanding variety of vegetarian foods and delicacies being served and cooked, turning vegetarian have become a never ending spree of late. Therefore we have listed below top 10 reasons to go vegetarian.

10. Become a vegetarian, save money:

There are so many ways you’re chalking out to cut on the household expenditure this New Year. Become a vegetarian to save money can also be a worthy resolution this New Year. Being a vegetarian you can considerably reduce on your monthly food bill. And you can do this by consuming more nutrition and vitamins and being healthier than you have ever been. If saving money and being fitter is how you want to go this year, turn vegetarian and hit the nail on its head.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: examiner.com)

9. Avoid bird flu:

Chicken can carry bird flu. Word Heath Organization states that if there is bird flu in some chicken or transmitted to eggs, it can be caught by people by simply eating chicken or eggs. It can also be caught by using the same cutting board used to cook the contaminated chicken. Or even by touching the shell of the infected egg. By quitting on non-vegetarian food you are not only distancing yourself from bird flu, but also many other diseases associated with meat.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: naturalnews.com)

8. Helps save animals:

Choosing to be a vegetarian helps you prevent horrendous crime against animals killed for someone’s eating desires. By turning vegetarian, it is believed that one person saves about 100 odd animals from the horrible slaughter. Being vegetarian opting out from eating meat, eggs and maybe even dairy products, you are really helping the animals live better and minimize so much of unwanted suffering.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: blogs.kqed.org)

7. Live longer, go vegetarian:

Researchers have shown that vegetarians can live longer, healthier lives as compared to non vegetarians. A comparison between meat eater and vegetarians shows that greater the meat consumption, the greater the death rate. It is believed by researchers that vegetarians outlive meat eater by almost six years. This is so because the vegetarian diet is full of vitamins, minerals and fibers and is great at strengthening a person’s immune system.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: b4tea.blogspot.com)

6. Its playing safe being a vegetarian:

Most chronic illnesses, after waterborne diseases are caused by consumption of meat and dairy products. Maximum food-borne diseases are transmitted through meat and dairy products.  Yes, fruits and vegetables can carry harmful bacteria too, but meat, poultry and sea food are most likely to cause food-borne disease, which meat eaters cannot avoid unless they turn vegetarian. You can take a step towards better health by turning vegetarian any day.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: inhabitat.com)

5. Being a vegetarian is being more eco-friendly:

According to a report by the United Nations, meat eating is one of the most significant contributions to environmental problems around the globe. Eating meat hurts animals, the people and the environment alike. It takes tons of crops and water to raise farmed animals that are slaughtered for eating. Using this wasted crop for the better of people can help feed the poor and the wasted water can be conserved for the better of the environment.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: scienceblogs.com)

4. Prevent cancer and heart diseases:

Vegetarian diet is low in cholesterol and saturated fat. But it is high in nutrition, minerals and fiber. The Vegetarian diet therefore decreases risk of heart disease. People who avoid meat are also believed to have lesser risk of cancer. Meat diet lacks fiber and other nutrition which can be protective against cancer.  Non-vegetarian diet is rich in animal protein and saturated fat is thus more likely to cause heart diseases and cancer in people.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: nytimes.com)

3. Easiest way to lose extra kilos:

Everyone wants to lose weight. Most of us may also have shedding extra pounds on our list of to-dos this New Year. If you are actually planning to lose weight, then shifting onto a vegetarian diet is probably the easiest thing to put the best foot forward. Vegetarians are much lighter and have lesser extra fats on their body as compared with meat eater. Being vegetarian is a healthy way to lose the excess fat from the body.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: active.com)

2. Keep healthy and fit:

A vegetarian diet is certainly the healthiest diet possible. It is proven that vegetarians are less likely to develop chronic health problems like diabetes, heart attack and cancer.  Vegetarians are also less likely to have high blood pressure in comparison to meat eaters. Vegetarians are also believed to be more energetic than meat eaters. Unlike the animal meat and saturated animal fat, vegetarian food is more nutritious and healthy.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: sheknows.com)

1. Be vegetarian, be happy:

By turning vegetarian this new year, you’re not only saving the environment and animals, you are also saving yourself. It is enough a reason to be happy. But you can also be happy for the fact that by not consuming meat you are not consuming all the toxins and fat associated with meat products. A person is the happiest when he/she is healthy. And as discussed vegetarian food enhances your health and distances you from diseases. So being vegetarian is your short cut to good health and happiness.
Top 10 reasons to go vegetarian
(img source: idiva.com)


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