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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top 10 Interesting Brain Teasers

We certainly have made a habit out of not using our brains very often and therefore I feel it is important for us to take them on a spin every once in a while. The best way to do is play some puzzle games oh even strategy games would do. Many different board games will really get your mind working for example, Chess. But this particular list is not about different board games or other such stuff. Listed below, are ten brain teasers that are proven to be very difficult. Believe me; I had to think loads for solving them. They practically get you tired. Now the answers to all of them can be found online but before you glimpse at the answers, I would ask you to please give it your best before you look at the answers and please don’t cheat.


There is this man who goes to his backyard in the middle of the night. He then fires a gun and because of his weird behavior, he never sees the sunrise ever again. Now, let me make it clear to you folk, that he did not kill himself. Sticking to that theory, can you explain why he couldn’t ever see the sunrise?


There is this man who walks into a bar. He goes to the bartender and asks for a glass of water. Then, the bartender reaches under the bar and takes out a gun. He points the gun straight at the man. The man looks at him and says ‘thank you’. He leaves after thanking him. What in the world happened do you think?


A man goes to a mall and buys three pairs or red socks and three pairs of white socks. This another man with who already bought the three pairs of red and three pairs of white socks, came back to return those six pairs of socks. Both of these men were blind and as they were leaving, they bumped into each other and the socks were scattered all across the floor. The pairs remained intact though because of the rubber band. In three minutes, both the men had three pairs of red socks and three pairs of white. If nobody helped them, how did they manage do it?


General Custer is the only cowboy left and he is surrounded by Indians. He finds a lamp, rubs it and a Genie comes out. He says he’ll grant him his wishes but whatever he wishes for, the Indians will get two of the same thing. He stands there thinking for a while and then rubs the lamp again. The genie asks him for his wish. What do you think must General Custer have asked for in order to escape from the Indians?


Two men were working at a construction site and were pretty mad at each other. They confronted each other at lunch. The stronger one of the guys said, ‘I’ll bet you hundred dollars that anything you can wheel to that cone and back, I can wheel twice as far. Do we have a bet?’ The man looked around; he saw a pile of 400 bricks, a steel beam, ten other men and ten bags of concrete. He thought for a while and then said yes. The guy who bet 100 dollars, lost. How did that happen?


The pope has it but he does not use it; your father has it but your mother uses it; nuns do not need it; Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big one; Michael J. Fox’s is quite small. What is this thing?


Sherlock was sitting by a fire on a cold snowy night. A snowball comes through his window and breaks it. He gets up, looks out and sees the neighborhood kids who were brothers run a corner. They were John, Mark and Paul Crimson. There was a note stuck to his door the very next day that said “Crimson. He broke your window.” Now, which one of these three Crimson brothers, Sherlock Holmes should question?


A father goes to his sons (three) and tells them he would die soon and that he needed to decide which son the property will go to. He gives them all a test. He asks his sons to go to the market and buy something that is large enough to fill his bedroom and small enough to fill their pocket. The object of the task was to decide on the wisest son. So they went to the market and came back home and each of them had a different item. The father asks them to come to his bedroom one by one and try to fill his bedroom. The first son brought in pieces of cloth but they could hardly cover any of the floor. The second son came in with some hay but it was only enough to cover half the floor. The third son won. He was the wisest and completed the task. What did the third son buy?


A servant lived with his master in West Lake village. After thirty years of service, he learned that his master was sick and would die. The master calls for the servant and asks of him to make just one wish and gave him a day to think about it. The servant discussed this with her mother who was blind. She asked him to wish for an eye. The servant discusses this with her wife and she asked him to wish for a son. The servant went to his father and he asked him to wish for a lot of money. He made one with the next day and fulfilled the wishes of his father, mother and wife. What did he wish for?


Pirate Pete was sentenced to death by a Spanish General by his firing squad of fifty people. They had the reputation of being the worst firing squad in the Spanish military. The tradition was to allow one shot per man to save ammunition and they would end up missing those and would usually just maim the target who would eventually bleed to death. He begged for mercy at the thought of the painful death. “Very well, I have some compassion. You may choose where the men stand when they shoot you and I will add 50 extra men to the squad to ensure someone will at least hit you. Perhaps if they stand closer they will kill you quicker, if you’re lucky,” snickered the general. “Oh, and just so you don’t get any funny ideas, they can’t stand more than 20 feet away, they must be facing you, and you must remain tied to the post in the middle of the yard. And to show I’m not totally heartless, if you aren’t dead by sundown I’ll release you so you can die peacefully outside the compound. I must go now but will return tomorrow and see to it that you are buried in a nice spot, though with 100 men, I doubt there will be much left of you to bury.” He was set free because of where he made the 100 men stand. Now, where was it?


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