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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 10 Network security Companies in world

Network Security involves various provisions and policies that are enforced by network administrators to prevent unauthorized access, misuse etc of a computer network. Users are assigned IDs and passwords or other information that establishes their authentication. Network security ranges from small businesses to global enterprises. The simplest way to protect a network is by assigning it a unique name and a password. Here are the top 10 network security companies:

10. CloudFlare:

Although a relatively new network security company that was founded in 2010, this company has done exceptionally well for itself. The company was flagged off as a Harvard Business Project but it took off and then the three founders, CEO Matthew Prince, Lead Engineer Lee Holloway, and Customer Experience executive Michelle Zatlyn moved the company to San Francisco. The strongest asset for this company is that they provide many free services which is rare in this business. The customer content for this company is stored in 13 different nodes around the world which helps them prioritize the customer specific to their location and also helps reduce network latency by a significant amount.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: CloudFlare

9. Savant Protection:

Founded in 2004, Savant Protection was co-founded by Ken Steiberg who formerly held senior positions at Hitachi, Digital Equipment and Hughes. It has its headquarters at Nashua, New Hampshire. “Savant” meaning a learned scholar, offers software for Windows and Linux servers and desktops to combat malware by employing a cryptographic-based snapshot of applications. This prevents unauthorized changes from being made to the system. The product is used by Connecticut River Bank and Neueon. This network security company came into existence when Steinberg saw a basis for protecting software from malware with his “sliding acoustical” signature approach that he had created for taking a digital fingerprint of an application.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Savant Protection

8. Yoggie Security Systems:

Yoggie Security Systems with its headquarters at Tel Aviv, Israel came into inception in 2005. It offers Yoggie Gatekeeper which is a gateway that protects laptops on the road to make them as secure as PCs at a fixed location. This network security company was founded by Shlomo Touboul who was the founder and CEO of Shany Computers, Runway Telecom and Runway Telecom Venture Partners. The product is worth keeping an eye on because as a separate appliance, Yoggie sidesteps Windows as it offloads the security stack from the laptop.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Yoggie Security System

7. Exploit Prevention Labs:

Exploit Prevention Labs offers SocketShield, a desktop software that scans network streams, intercepts it and blocks attacks against desktop machines, for instance drive-by downloads. It is nestled in Marietta, Ga and was founded in 2005 by CEO Bob Bales who is also the founder of PestPatrol which was an antispyware software company. SocketShield perpetrates real-time protection against exploits, crimeware and other threats and reduces the vulnerability of the system against the attack by malwares.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Exploit Prevention Labs

6. Void Communications:

An e-mail that leaves no trace? It doesn’t get any more secure than that. Void Communications is a notable network security company which offers VaporStream which is a service that allows two parties communicate with their standard e-mail addresses with the messages being transmitted as encrypted images. VaporStream simply vaporizes e-mail communications. The company started out in 2005 headed by CEO Joseph Collins in New York. Technologist Amit Shah also assisted Collins in his endeavor to create Void Communications. They believed they could fill the voids in e-mail security.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Void Communications

5. Cryptolex Trust Systems:

Cryptolex Trust Systems is funded by the United States Navy and the state of Maryland. Apart from that it has an undisclosed amount of private funds. Cryptolex was founded in 2003 by Clovis Najm who previously held office at CryptoCard. It has its head office at Owings, Maryland. The Cryptolex Universal ID System features a back-end software library that builds an authenticated server on Unix, Linux or Windws based computers. Cryptolex also induces physical-access control. The products are tested by the United States Navy.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Cryptolex Trust System

4. Cogneto:

Cogneto was a 2006 start up project of CEO Ralph Scobie who formerly headed PCS Wireless. The headquarters are located at Seattle. This network security company offers Unomi which is a risk-management software service. With Unomi, Cogneto seeks to utilize research on cognitive psychology and online behavior for risk analysis. It has a score on the scale of 1 to 100. Unomi evaluates user behavior by tracking input- device responses to questions being put forth.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Cogneto

3. SECNAP Network Security:

SECNAP was founded in the year 2001 in Florida. SECNAP goes a long way in providing superior e-mail and network security for small businesses to worldwide enterprises. Their products include the SpammerTrap Email Security solution which can effectively stop spam and other viruses. The other innovations of SECNAP include the Managed Network Security Solution by HackerTrap that can detect intrusion and prevent unauthorized access 24/7. SECNAP is dedicated to protect its customers against intellectual property losses and other confidential data. It delivers proactive protection based upon researched and tested prevention technologies.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: SECNAP

2. Arbor Networks:

Arbor Networks is a leading network security provider for networks globally. Its customer base includes many large enterprises. Arbor Networks has its headquarters at Chelmsford, Massachusetts. It is notable for delivering the best network security and also improves profitability by administering differentiated secure services. Arbor solutions gauge and protect the entire network by employing deep packet inspection technologies from the service provider to the receiving end (i.e broadband edge). The company also happens to be one of the experts on service provider security issues and various net-borne attack attempts.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Arbor

1. Apani Networks:

Based in California, Apani Networks came up in 2003 as a privately held company which is instrumental in providing identity-aware networking solutions for large enterprises. It protects the organization’s internal network and other critical data from the intruders. The company’s product Apani EpiForce enables organizations to create a network which is identity-aware and it protects data and network communications by isolating users, clients and servers into various security zones. EpiForce is transparent to whoever uses it.
Top 10 network security companies in the world: Apani


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