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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Top 10 reasons to buy iphone 5

With Apple unveiling its much anticipated iPhone 5 to the world there is just one question on every one’s mind ‘Would iPhone 5 be able to force the same kind of frenzy as its predecessors?’ Well the initial reactions certainly suggest an answer in the affirmative. With a little less than a month to go for Steve Job’s First Death Anniversary, Apple has done a commendable job with the iPhone 5 to carry forward his vision. If you had been holding off buying that perfect Smartphone, you are surely in for a treat. Frankly who needs any reasons to buy an iPhone but still if you do, then read below!

10. Superior Sound System:

The iPhone 5 has a superior Sound System as compared to the previous versions. The new headphones ‘EarPods’ that come with iPhone 5 have been developed after a long and thorough research of about three years and hence undoubtedly offer a great experience. Far better than the ones given with the earlier versions of Apple Devices, the sound that comes through these ear buds is said to be of superlative quality.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: areacellphone.com)

9. Battery Life:

Apple has been criticised for a slack battery life in the earlier versions of iPhone. Hence, an upgrade in the battery life was on the cards for quite some time. The iPhone 5 has a better battery life as compared to its earlier versions. It is built to provide225 hours of standby time, with 8 hours of 3G and 4G LTE browsing, 8 hours of 3G talk-time, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of music play. With so many features in the iPhone 5, an enhanced Battery Life is indeed a great advantage.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: techcentral.my)

8. Compatibility with 4G LTE Networks:

The Apple iPhone 5 is compatible with 4G LTE networks. This feature is something that would ensure high speed data transfers. This feature is also Apple’s response to Samsung S III that also is 4G compatible. So what better than a phone like the iPhone 5 which is compatible with the most advanced networks?
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: economictimes.indiatimes.com)

7. Larger Display:

The iPhone 5 comes with a 4-inch display; which is a huge change from the previous versions which had 3.5 inch displays. The larger touch screen incorporates Retina Display. Videos can be viewed more vividly with the increase in aspect ratio due to the enhanced screen. A pleasurable experience is what iPhone 5 promises to its users, the larger display being a part of it.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: news.yahoo.com)

6. Panorama and iSight:

The iPhone 5 provides the feature of panorama mode which is one of the most striking till date in the device. It is a tool that stitches together a series of pictures with which you could create splendid photographs. Easy to use, with the software programmed to instruct about the panning speeds to help users, it sure puts the iPhone 5 a cut above the rest. Without a doubt the iSight camera of the iPhone is one of the best cameras in the world and it has been enhanced further for iPhone 5 with the front facing HD camera providing for an excellent FaceTime and recording quality. A phone with a superior camera is a combination that is indeed an icing over and above the other eye-catching features.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: technikant.com)

5. Steve Jobs!

It goes without saying that Steve Jobs is the Man behind the Personal Computer and Smartphone revolution. Without him we wouldn’t have received the gift of any of the devices whether it is iPhone, iPad or iPods. So yes certainly anybody who fancies technology and is holding out to buy that perfect Mobile, that perfect Smartphone, he should do that for the man who made this amazing dream a reality. Yes for Steve Jobs, the man who made it possible to bring a device like the iPhone with its superior technology on to the hands of each one of us!
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: thefundraisingresource.blogspot.com)

4. Attractive Pricing:

An appealing feature of the iPhone 5 is its pricing. Apple is offering the device at the same price as its predecessor, the iPhone 4S. It will cost $199, $299 and $399 for the 16, 32 and 64 GB locked versions respectively. New features, upgraded hardware and software at the price of the earlier version, what more could you ask for?
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: telegraph.co.uk)

3. Incredibly Light and Thin:

If you have been on the lookout for a lighter Smartphone then Apple’s got just that for you in the form of iPhone 5. This little wonder of technology is extremely light and easy to hold. It is easy to grasp and fits well into the hand. It weighs just 112 gram which is 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. It is also the thinnest Smartphone in the world as claimed by Apple. It has a 7.6 mm anodized aluminium body which makes it 18 percent thinner than its predecessor. It is able to achieve this feat due to the New Display Technology in which it incorporates touch sensors with the screen of iPhone 5 giving it the edge. The appearance as with all iPhones is sleek, classy with incredible finish.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: ibnlive.in.com)

2. Processor:

One of the attractions of iPhones has always been their speed with which operations could be performed on them. The iPhone 5 boasts of a more dapper and crisper processor than the previous versions. It incorporates a Cortex A6 processor with A-15 chip which will make it faster to operate. Another added advantage is that it will be able to support graphics and other operations more rapidly. Thus the iPhone 5 would be the snappiest phone you could own.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: thenews247.com)

1. Operating System iOS6:

The iPhone 5 comes with the iOS6 operating system which has several tempting features. You could transfer photos or data from iPhone 5 to other Apple devices like iPad or iPod Touch. In fact you could transfer it to a contact that uses either the same or previous versions of iPhone. It also has the feature of ‘Passbook’ where one could conveniently store airline tickets, digital coupons, etc.  So if anything, the iPhone 5 takes care of the convenience aspect for consumers in terms of applications that could run on the new operating system.
Top 10 reasons to buy iPhone 5
(img source: extremetech.com)


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