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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 10 iphone applications of 2011

iOS is probably one of the leading smart-phone operating systems and iPhones occupy a big share of the  smartphone market today. At the end of 2010, 73.5 million iPhones were already sold; this portrays the wide usage of this device. If you look at the app market there are almost 830245 apps available, free and paid. Apple and other third party app developers are working hard to create anything that is outstanding and beneficial for the users. Out of all the apps here are the top 10 iPhone apps of 2011. 

10. Pinterest:
Pinterest is a Tumblr like blogging platform which lets you maintain virtual boards. You can create boards with different categories and pin items that you like. Your friends can re-pin things that they like and comment on them. Today millions of people are using Pinterest to manage their favorite dishes, home decoration and wedding plans. If you like to describe things with words then this will not please you, but it is a delight for people more inclined towards visual information. This free app can be downloaded from iTunes store but requires iOS 4.0 and above.
(img source: apple.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Pinterest
9. Google Translate:
Google Translate is a groundbreaking language translation app and holds the power to translate text as well as spoken words. The interface is intuitive and hence very easy to use. Google Translate offers translation in more than 63 languages today and is the most widely used translation app across the world. The accuracy and relevance will surely amaze people who like to travel a lot and face language issues. This app works on iPod touch, iPad and iPhone and is completely free to use. The latest version 1.3.1 works on iOS 3.0 and above.
(img source: macworld.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Google Translate
8. GarageBand:
The iTunes app market is full of third party apps but Apple is also capable of providing fabulous apps for their users. GarageBand is the same application which is found in apple computers but there are some changes. This is a must have app for aspiring musicians and production artists. This app would give you access to a lot of virtual instruments like drums, synths, pianos and organs. You will be blown away by the emulation quality for sure and would be able to create tunes on the go. This app is available for almost 5 dollars and works on iOS 5.0 and later.
(img source: wired.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: GarageBand
7. SkyView – Explore the Universe:
People living in big cities hardly get to see stars and planet in the sky but this app would provide you with augmented reality to see them in their current positions. A must have app for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers. The graphics are stunning with 3D view and you can have information about heavenly bodies visible at that time. So if you don’t want to miss out on stars then you can buy this app for a minimal price of $1.99.
(img source: itunes.apple.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Sky View
6. Photosynth:
To our surprise this amazing app is developed by Microsoft for Apple. This innovative app can be used to capture a 360 panoramic view by moving the camera around in a circle and the results look stunning. To add to your surprise this app is available for free, this is what we did not expect but free apps are always great. This app requires at least iOS 4.2 to work properly and the latest version 1.1.4 can be downloaded from iTunes store.
(img source: theepochtimes.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Photosynth
5. Evernote:
Several people complain how hard it is to type on a virtual keyboard, but once you are familiar with it things will flow nicely. Once mastered you will understand how easy it is to take notes using a virtual keyboard on an iPhone. Evernote is a free app which would help you take notes quickly and efficiently. It offers more than just taking notes; you can capture images, create a schedule and make voice reminders. This app would certainly make you more productive and creative. Everything you create here can be synched with your computer too. This app requires iOS 4.0 and later to function perfectly.
(img source: techdigest.tv)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Evernote
4. Weather+:
As the name suggests this app provides you with vital information related to weather with an appropriate weather animation on the background. The app has an integrated world clock, which makes this weather station like none other. Weather+ has been acknowledged as the best weather app by Apple itself. The latest version 1.8 has improvement over the readability of information on all Apple devices. This app works on iOS version 4.2 and later and can be purchased at a nominal cost of $0.99.
(img source: itunes.apple.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: weather+
3. Tripit:
This is probably the best app that you can use to keep track of the route of your journeys. The app has an excellent backend which provides you with most accurate information. Every piece of information is generated automatically and can be used when it is needed, all synced with calendar and the Tripit website. Want to make a reservation? Just mail to plans@tripit.com and it would do the rest. The app is free to download and works with iOS 4.0 and later.
(img source: geardiary.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Tripit
2. Spotify:
Spotify is one of the best music streaming services available for iOS. The app comes with an extensive library along with playlist creation and the option of sharing them with your friends online. You can try this app for 48 hours for free and after that you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $10, though the app itself is free to download. You can extend the trial up to 30 days if you send some details to spotify. The app works perfectly with iPhone and iPad with iOS 5.0 and later.
(img source: spotify.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Spotify
1. Dropbox:
Dropbox is a completely free cloud based service which gives you access to files of your choice on any computer. So you don’t have to carry the stuff with you, you can just login to your Dropbox and download the files that you need. Keep all your personal stuff in it like pictures, documents and videos and access them anywhere. You can even add stuff to favorites for a quicker file access. With Dropbox at your disposal file sharing becomes a breeze. You can even save the attachments directly to your Dropbox.
(img source: theiphoneblogging.com)
Top 10 iPhone apps of 2011: Dropbox


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